Saturday, October 1, 2011

Games Workshop First to the fight

Thank you to Just another Gaming Blog for bringing this to light. he is in my blog list please visit his site

Games Workshop will now be dispatching (squads of space marines) to new locations. If you stop by on opening day at noon and participate in the opening day events you will recieve a First to the fight patch.The events are as follows.

Conversion competition - Use Games Workshops bits, and your tools to build a conversion by 4:30PM
Space Marine painting competition - grab a marine, and use your paints to paint a marine by 5:00PM
Scenario challenge competition - Bring a 40K, Fantasy, or Lord Of the Rings army, and face opponents in quick fun competitions.

The stores will open at noon. All winners will be announced at 5:30PM

OPENING SATURDAY, OCTOBER 1st City Walk Hobby Center
40227 Sandy Springs Place
Suite #108Sandy Springs, GA 30328

OPENING SATURDAY, OCTOBER 8th Scottsdale Town Center Hobby Center
15678 North Frank Lloyd Wright Blvd.
Scottsdale, AZ 85260

Highgate Village Hobby Center
7155 Kingsway, Suite 201
Burnaby BC, V5E 2V1

Please visit Games Workshop here
to see the article and check out the facebook pages for the new stores.

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