Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Necron rumors from a Necron player point of view

I am a Necron player. Being so a few of the rumors excite me, and a few frustrate me. I thought maybe I would go over a few of these and give the opinion of a Necron player.

Please remember I am doing this for fun and these rumors should be taken with a large spoon of salt.

Scarab Swarms causing armor damage on attack removing a point of armor for every successful hit – this seems real cool, it would make the swarms essentially a very deadly unit that must be dealt with quickly before precious land raiders and terminators get ground to dust. That being said I feel this is a little too overpowering and probably won’t be the new rules for scarab swarms.

Armor saves 4+ instead of 3+ - please don’t do this. Necrons have a very slow hand to hand speed, thus there should be a higher armor save. Changing them to a 4+ would just make the Necrons worse than the Tau in hand to hand.

We’ll be back changed to feel no pain – Feel no pain is totally different than we’ll be back. It should remain that way, the Necrons need their own rule for this to keep with the feel of the army, and to affect things such as phase out.

Larger guns for anti-tank instead of the Gauss weapon rule – OK we have to look at when this codex was written. In the rules from that time a glancing hit could destroy a vehicle on a roll of 6 on the glancing hit table. I feel that maybe they should change Gauss weapon rolls of 6 to a penetrating hit now, and leave out the heavier guns. I always enjoyed killing large targets with that lucky 6 and would like that to remain.

Necron Lords instead of C’Tan – I am all for this, I do honestly want to see more selection in my army of choice. Having different lords with different abilities sounds really cool to me. I also feel it would help flesh out the Necrons. After all they are supposed to be a army of undead not mindless automatons.

More choices for the army – Woo Hoo!!!!! I love this idea. Hopefully gone would be the days of a 500 point game being 2 units of 10 warriors and a lord with a rez orb.

Things I would add to my dream list

Flayed ones with a decent initiative, and power weapons – They are our hand to hand troops, why shouldn’t they behave like hand to hand troops.

A flyer – simple some kind of flying attack vehicle. I love the Valkyrie and the blood raven is OK. It would be great if more and more armies received fliers to help flesh out the look of the battlefield.

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