Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Review of Dead Men Walking by Steve Lyons

OK so bare with me. This is my first book report in at least 10 years.

Dead Men Walking by Steve Lyons revolves around a group of strangers who must all survive after a mining operation uncovers and activates a Necron Tomb. They are quickly joined by the Death Korps of Krieg to try and stop the Necrons from taking over the planet. This book was very well thought out, you tend to care about all the main characters, making deaths all the more painful to read when they happen. Watching Gunthar turn from a lazy administrator who complained about having to use the lifts to go to the mines. into a hard core Death corp soldier was exciting. The Necrons are depicted in great form, I like the description of the Scarab Swarms through out the book. The battles drag you in and make you feel like you are standing there instead of reading it. The Necron lord rightfully puts fear, and awe in you making you feel this planets war is lost before it begins. The Death Corps are brutal their emotionless tactics, and bravery to the point of stupidity really makes them a good choice to fight the Necrons.

While not the best written book, I would recomend it to anyone who enjoys the 40K universe Particularly fans of Necrons or Imperial guard. This is a fine addition to the Imperial Guard series of books.

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