Friday, September 30, 2011

A Necron hint, and what's to come

A few rumors are floating around this week. I'll just post what has been said. Both have very interesting tid bits about what is to come, and seem to confirm some of the rumor mill that has been floating around.

and remember with all rumors take with a healthy amount of salt.

Thank you Faeit 212 for this information from the responsibleone.

This is from the design studio seminar 4 with Wayde Price at Games Day

Wade Pryce got as close to an apology about Finecast as I've heard without saying "sorry". He said that he (and GW) accepted that the quality of the Finecast models at the start had not been great, but that he was pretty confident it was now sorted. He also was very clear that if you were not happy about something you should contact GW directly about it, as they do listen to feedback. This was repeated on quite a few controversial things throughout the seminar.
I say we call Games Workshop out on this one and everyone call their customer service about how unhappy we are.

- When discussing the hard backed Warhammer Armies books, he mentioned that he'd been asked when that would be done for 40K. His response? "Well, if I were you, I'd notice that we started doing full colour, hard backed army books after we'd done a full colour Warhammer core rulebook. So I'd be looking out for hardbacked codexes after we published a new, full colour 40K rulebook..."

This is from the second Foregeworld seminar at Games Day

- When asked why Forgeworld didn't do more Necron stuff, Tony said that given the age of the Codex, it was probably better for them to wait until after a new codex was released...

This is from The Decapitator at

So before anyone says it, I am aware that this doesn't neccesarily mean that they are definitely the next codex/army book, and I am aware that WD is produced about 5-6 months in advance, however having just left Lenton I thought I'd update you guys with the models not currently on display as a *possible* indication of what's *potentially* coming.

Hope that's clear enough!

So 40k wise, Necrons, Black Templars and Chaos Space Marines are all currently "on campaign".

And WFB wise Empire, Vampires and Dwarfs are all currently missing too.

Make of that what you will.

On a side note, GW have changed the little notices stating that the models are on campaign to include the fact that they could be seen in an upcoming WD or Web Article.

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