Tuesday, March 13, 2012

Armies on Parade is coming

It's that time guys, check out the dates for Armies on Parade for this year.

April 28th - Army Weekend
North American Hobby Centers
Kicking off the Armies on Parade season, Hobby Center staff will be on hand to help with army composition and painting techniques.
May 26th - Display Board Weekend
North American Hobby Centers
Staff will be on hand to help with techniques for getting the most out of your display board.
June 30th - Parade Day Qualifier
North American Hobby Centers
Enter your army at any North American Hobby Center. Your local community will judge the best army and that winner will receive entry into the North American finals, a free Games Day ticket, a medal, and online recognition!
July 28th - North American Finals
Games Day, Chicago, IL
If you were a qualifier at one of the Hobby Centers, you have a chance to become the North American Champion! You must have won a qualifier and be present at Games Day to enter. The Champion will receive a trophy to take home as well as a shield engraved with their name to hang in their local Hobby Center.

Chaos Decimator and accessories up of Forge World

The Decimator is a brutal and hellish creation; the essence of a creature of the Warp bound and fettered within the armoured bulk of a bipedal war machine. Great slab-shoulders of tainted and defiled ceramite and adamantium, and a low-set ‘head’ give the Decimator a characteristic hunched posture which exudes brooding and vicious menace.

Inquisitorial savants do not know for sure what malefic party is responsible for this sinful innovation as the Decimator is capable of fielding a wide range of armament: rapid-firing Butcher Cannons, multi-barrelled Stormlasers, and great raking Siege Claws to name but a few. Towering over even the mighty Contemptor Pattern Dreadnoughts of the Adeptus Astartes, the Decimator is believed to be an attempt to bolster the ranks of such ancient devices that still serve the Traitor Legions. If this is the truth, then it is feared that many warriors of the Imperium will fall before these deadly war machines.

Such a cool Model, I love how big it is.

Siege Claw

Butcher Cannon

Decimator Storm Laser

Great Model Forge World, Keep up the good work.

Monday, March 12, 2012

Spam in my comments

Just a quick post telling people. I have a spammer adding links into my Blog. I have removed them, but please be careful in the future of more spam.

PS Vita system review

Device – Sony PS Vita
Manufacturer – Sony
$250.00 non 3g Wi-Fi model
$300.00 3G, plus an AT&T data plan to use their 3G network
AT&T data cost
• 250MB for $14.99, 30-day recurring opt out, which starts at the date and time of purchase.
• 3GB for $30.00, 30-day recurring opt out, which starts at the date and time of purchase.
• 5GB for $50.00, 30-day recurring opt out, which starts at the date and time of purchase.
International data plan cost
• $24.99 for 50MB in over 100 select countries*
• $49.99 for 125MB in over 100 select countries*
• $99.99 for 275MB in over 100 select countries*
• $199.99 for 800MB in over 100 select countries*
I apologize for the long winded beginning, but I think a little video game history is in order before my review.
Being a gamer means many things. Some people think owning a Wii and 2 games that both use the same gimmick hand gestures make you a gamer, others believe playing games on your smart phone makes you a gamer. Don’t make me laugh; gamer’s especially hard core gamers may use these devices. But when it comes down to it they are filling a gap that has existed since the dawn of gaming. A hand held system that provides console level gameplay, and graphics in a hand held device. The current king of the hill is Nintendo with its Gameboy/DS line up. But with their current betrayal to their core customers (please read my 3DS review coming shortly) and what I consider an honest lack of good up to date graphics. A huge hole still exists in my gaming world.
In walks Sony, in 1995 after a falling out with Nintendo Sony decided to enter the gaming world head first. Producing their first console the PlayStation, a CD media based gaming system that wasn’t perfect but changed the face of gaming for ever. I won’t go into detail on how but this solidified Sony as a console game creator. Fast forward almost 10 years 2005 Sony attempts to blast entrenched Nintendo out of the hand held market like they did in the console market with the PSP. In my honest opinion this was an epic failure. Nintendo had just released their new DS system, with its gimmicky but fun touch screen, small media cards and an excellent line of release games. While the PSP was a great system, it was large, fine glass fragile, and used large UMD (universal Media Disks) for everything from games to movies. It became a laptop bag full of parts very quickly if you wanted to bring all your PSP stuff a long with you. Ooh and did I mention the battery life? Yeah the battery life was awful, especially playing graphics intense games. All this compiled, along with an unwavering fan base to the DS created a giant mud pit for the PSP that it never was able to escape from. Sony tried different models, different ideas, but could never get it to huge sales.
Fast forward to February 2012, Sony is attempting another swipe at the hand held market with the PS vita. Below I have broken up my review into sections and then my final thoughts and score at the bottom.
First impressions
While smaller than the PSP the Vita is still a fairly large device. Definitely not designed to fit in your pocket, but honestly neither is the competition. The design is comfortable, and it feels much more solid than the PSP or a DS in my opinion. The Memory cards are tiny, I can express here how tiny but until you see one you just won’t understand. They are easily as small as my 4 year olds pinky nail. Games are roughly the same size as a DS game using flash media now instead of UMD (thank goodness) or you can download the game to your memory card from the PlayStation store for about the same price. There are dual analog sticks now, both feel comfortable to use, and are very sensitive. I am very excited to get it up and running.
Initial setup
Setting up the PS Vita is a breeze; one of the first things that got to me was the lack of the media bar. Instead it has been replaced with a button system that reminds me of the IOS, and android. One of the biggest decisions is which model to get. 3G so you can play anywhere 3G is available from AT&T, or the Wi-Fi model. In my opinion, even if you don’t turn on the 3G right away buy this one. It is optional to turn it on and only costs $50.00 more for the security that in the future you don’t possibly miss out on something. Now the AT&T prices are a point of contention for me $14.99 for 250mb???? Really mega bites??? This makes no sense AT&T who offers mega bites in these days? That being said after about 30 minutes of typing, you will have access to AT&T’s 3G network. I am honestly impressed with how well the 3G runs on the Vita. I connect no problem, and game with the 3G no problem. Best of all it is month to month, no contract so if you decide you don’t need it, you don’t have to pay.
The memory cards are proprietary to the Vita. They are tiny and will be easily lost. Ooh and they are also very expensive starting at $19.99 for 4GB, all the way to $99.99 for 32GB. While many of you will say no big deal, it’s just for saving games. Understand the vita has no internal memory. So to even play a game you need a memory card. Also with the titles coming out as downloadable games, many people will need the larger memory sticks for the games. I think Sony did this to assist the retail stores; people love downloadable media so the stores won’t be selling as many games. I think Sony assisted by giving them plenty of accessories to make money.

I purchased a variety of games to play for my review. I must say the Vita has one of the strongest launch line ups I have ever seen on a handheld. Plus the PS network store has even more available through digital download. Graphically the Vita is amazing; I can’t believe I am playing a handheld when I play. Wipe out actually pulls off the high speed feel through the graphics, and Uncharted golden Abyss is beautiful to look at and play. The AI is intelligent, and the dual analog sticks are awesome! You control things perfectly, and they open the door to games like Uncharted, and unit 13 making moving and aiming on a hand held perfectly viable.
The near function is really cool. I went on a trip during my review (pure coincidence I swear). I was able to connect to 3G and my hotels Wi-Fi with no issues. When I first logged in it told me there where 5 other people playing hot shots golf near me at that time, this led to a small tournament amongst total strangers, it was an absolute blast.
The Vita isn’t without its flaws; the load times go from not bad all the way to you needing another hand held to play while waiting for the game to load. Some levels on wipe out took nearly a minute to load from a memory card. The touch controls on most games while fun are gimmicky, and in some cases such as Dynasty warriors, stops the excitement of the game. The free augmented reality games are dependent on the set of recognition cards it comes with, making those games useless on the go. The unit is still kind of large, making placing it in my pocket impossible. The final complaint is my only real complaint. The Vita has a 4-5 hour battery life, 5 hours being the average for me. The battery is internal so you can’t carry a backup, but 3rd party companies are already announcing battery packs to extend the battery life.
Final thoughts
I am yet to regret purchasing my Vita, I find myself playing it more and more every day. I have played my Vita more this past week than my PC, Xbox, and PlayStation combined. The games are beautiful, and the gameplay is challenging and fun. 3G doesn’t seem necessary unless you are on the road a lot or maybe a student that isn’t near a Wi-Fi hotspot that often. But I do suggest the 3G model even if you don’t use it. The launch line up of games is fantastic. I hope the support remains in place for this system; it will make it a huge success.
At this time I would recommend this only to hard core gamers, or techy people. If you want to play cut the rope while riding mass transit on your way to work, use your smart phone. If you want a powerful hand held, with amazing graphics then this system is for you. I wish Sony the best in their new endeavor and I really hope this one is a success because I really like it.
Final score
4-5 stars

Thursday, February 16, 2012

New from Forge World

Looks like Forge World has two new items up for offer, they are below. I personally really like the tank crew member with the bolter.

When greenskin tribes gather for war, foetid effigies depicting the Orc gods Gork and Mork will be constructed. Using rock, dung, old battle trophies and other detritus, these ‘statues’ are intended to bring the favour of Mork (or possibly Gork) to the Orcs and Goblins mustering in their shadow. Some are no more than a heap of stones or no larger than a chapel door, but when a Waaagh! is brewing they can grow to immense proportions, and become so infused with the greenskins’ lust for battle that they are roused into life and will lumber forth to crush and bludgeon the enemy.

If a Waaagh! is subsequently defeated, or the concentration of greenskin magic dissipates, the idol will lapse back into immobility. However, when a Storm of Magic rages across the Warhammer world these gigantic devotions to the greenskin gods may rise up again as a Rogue Idol, mindlessly attacking all in their way until the storm blows its course.

Compete resin kit, model designed by Mark Bedford. You can also download experimental rules for the Rogue Idol, taken from the next Warhammer Forge expansion, Monstrous Arcanum.


what do you think of these new models?

Friday, February 3, 2012

New Necron throwback Scarab Swarms

I for one never liked these scarabs, they just don't look good to me. How do you like them?

Thursday, February 2, 2012

The Abnormal showcase

I tried this early on in my blog, but didn't have anyone wanting to join in. Here is my idea. Once a week I will showcase a model, or pics of models you have painted. Just send the pics to me at theverydaygamer@gmail.com, and I will start with next week. Above is a picture of a Terminator I did for a painting contest about 9 months ago.

Product find - Zinge Industries

Found this guys sight in my online adventures today. I thought he had some great products. I really like his ammo belts. Flexible ammo belts. give this guy a visit and judge for yourself

Hidden Cypher Picture

the current white dwarfs spines form a picture which appears to be Cypher from the dark angels. is it possible we are recieving a hint from the voice of the emperor? Many people seem to think this is Games Workshops way of giving us a hint of what is to come. I for one think it is just to do with their anniversary. what do you think?

Wednesday, February 1, 2012

The rumor mill and the danger of trusting it

Soo every blogger worth his weight in salt knows to make sure you put dissclaimers on your rumor mill posts. This is because some people just like to poost things to build a reputation, and to also create anger in the community. Kroothawk at DakkaDakka has posted a prime example of this. Please remember everyone, while the internet is huge we all draw our data from the same sites. So we could all be hit by people like this guy. Thank you Kroothawk for bringing this guy to light.

Via Kroothawk at dakkadakka.com

guess this should not be buried in the release schedule thread.

Hastings, a trusted rumour monger for years, announced quitting the rumour business because 80% of current rumours are deliberately made up. This started a heated Warseer discussion on credibility of rumours, in which ghost21 posted this

ghost21 wrote:
I made It up,I wont be posting any more

So if you see an old rumour thread with rumours by him, don't give it any value. This includes a lot of Tau, Black Templar, Sororitas, Eldar, Hrud, Fantasy Contingent Supplement among others. While his first correct rumours about Dreadfleet gave him some credibility, he was wrong on a real Sororitas Codex with plastic releases and most other things that were released until now. That's why I was reluctant lately to post his rumours when not backed up by real rumour mongers like Harry, Hastings, BramGaunt and Frgt/10. But keep in mind that some things may turn out true even if made up, because ghost21 read rumour threads and used part of it when making up things.

So the quantity of real rumours remains quite low due to GW's anti-word-of-mouth-campaign. While rumours are not facts and always can turn out false, a few black sheep deliberately make up rumours to enjoy public attention. This is not cool. But we have to deal with this. Good thing seems to be that Hastings is back posting rumours about the next 40k starter set

Cheers, Kroothawk

BTW, here an insightful post on the topic by straightsilver:

I used to post rumours fairly regularly, and more often thatn not they haven't always panned out at all, or if they did not in the way that was expected.

I'm sure this is the case for all the rumour mongers.

This doesn't necessarily mean that the rumour was strictly wrong, things do change but there is also an element of Chinese Whispers as well.

By the time it gets to Warseer (or other forums) it is more often than not 3rd hand information at least.

There has only been one rumour that I have posted that I was 100% certain about, and that's because it came directly from Jes Goodwin, however in in that instance I feel out of respect for Jes that maybe I shouldn't have posted it,

Although in my defence it wasn't apparent that anything he said was top secret, but in hindsight maybe it was only meant for my ears and not the wider community.

I have however posted other rumours when I wasn't so sure because I thought it's what the community wanted, but unfortunately that isn't always the case.

Rumours are just that. The only people that really know are the people at the top, and it's not often that anybody gets to speak to them.

I have 2 sources at GW HQ, both of whom I have been friends with for 20 or so years, and both of whom hold positions that I would consider to be very reliable.

However they are not necessarily privy to the GW release schedule, just what projects they are working on at the time.

We alll know that GW often holds back releases until they feel it is the optimum time for them to sel them, and more often than not they are held back for a reason, and that means changes will be made.

And any source is of course only human, they have opinions and predictions of their own, which then get passed on by somebody else, and somebody else etc. These rumours get embellished and added to long before they get onto the internet.

GW at the very least know 3 months in advance what is coming as that's when White Dwarf is sent to the printers, but I suspect it is a bit more than that.

What I will say is that I have held back on posting rumours for several reasons.

One of which is the trolling or flaming that occurs, but to be honest I am big enough and old enough to ignore that.

But the other reason is because I have been asked not to. I haven't got anybody into trouble, but obviously things said to me by my friends probably shouldn't be repeated on these types of forums.

And the other simple reason is that there simply aren't that many rumours at the moment, or at least not that I can discern.

Thinngs at GW HQ have got a lot tighter, sources have become a lot more tight lipped and although people are working on projects they aren't necessarily told when these things will be released, they are as in the dark as the rest of us.

Obviously they have the same deadlines but this doesn't necessarily equate to a release date any more.

There are projects that have been on the go for more than 2 years now, but there is no indication they will be released any time soon.

So I guess my point is don't be too hard on thhose that do provide rumours, just accept that's alll they are unless they can be absolutely certain it's true (which more often then not thhey can't).

If I would also address the OP, the reason there are simply so many rumours regarding 40K at the moment is simply that there is just so much 40K stuff going on at Notts at the moment.

It is quite possible that projects that should have come out last year were being held back for the 25th aniversary, or it may just be that upon completion GW weren't happy with the end project and had put it on hold.

I would also like to say thankyou to all the rumour mongers, I still enjoy reading them even if they don't pan out so don't be put off posting them.

The great White Dwarf debate

Well, it is that time of year again. My White Dwarf subscription has ran out. I have been reading this magazine for years, and have had a subscription for a very long time. my purpose for this magazine was the hobby articles, and the articles about what was coming from Games Workshop. Anymore the magazine seems to have shifted away from these important features. This brings up a debate, do I renew my subscription to White Dwarf, or do I just buy the ones that interest me. I am sure I am not the only one with this delima so please, let me know your thoughts and feelings about this subject.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

40K event for March announced

I must say, I am dissapointed with this announcement. it feels like it is ramshackled together, and what about those not running imperium or Chaos. Also Chaos needs a new Codex dont they? What is your opinion of this event?

Via Gamesworkshop
Attention defenders of the Imperium - the God-Emperor needs you to fight against the Ruinous Powers! On 18th February, all across the world, the forces of Chaos, spearheaded by the Word Bearers Legion, will attempt to destroy the Ultramarines Chapter once and for all.

Ten millennia ago, the Word Bearers struck and Calth burned. At great cost, the Ultramarines drove their enemies from the world and into the darkness. Now they have returned. In the ruins of Calth and across the worlds of Ultramar, Chaos forces led by the Word Bearers take their revenge on the defenders of the Imperium. The Ultramarines are hard-pressed to see off the threat, and they need allies. Build your forces and take part in this day of devastation. Field your Space Marines and Imperial Guard in defence of Ultramar, or bring Daemons and Chaos Space Marines and finish what was started ten thousand years ago.

Hobby Centres around the world will be running massive games of Warhammer 40,000 to celebrate the eagerly anticipated Horus Heresy novel by Dan Abnett, Know No Fear. The story in the book takes place around the invasion of the Ultramar sector and the battle for Calth. To commemorate the events during the Heresy and the ripples of effect this had in the Warhammer 40,000 universe, many of our stores will be fighting huge battles in the never-ending war on various planets across the sector.

We've already heard tale of battles taking place on space stations, moons and even underground, from Cities of Death battles to massive, shop-sized Apocalypse games. Sounds like things could get pretty messy on the gaming table, if you ask me. Make sure to drop by your local Hobby Centre or check out their Facebook page, where you can find out more about the day's events.

Don't forget, if you've got any great Word Bearers or Ultramarines hobby, we'd love to see it...

Has Activision lied to us all, is this false advertising?

Please watch this video, and listen. This is why PS3 players right now are very angry.

At the beginning of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 advertising going all the way back to E3, we were all told if you buy Elite premium you will recieve the new map packs early and free. you will also recieve those DLC packs once a month during the DLC season. Which according to Activision starts in January. Well the end of January is here, and Activision has kept there promise. But like the money grabbers they are, they only released to the Xbox360. Which means all along they where planning on releasing to the Xbox a month early and didnt tell the community. Many Playstation players purchased Call Of Duty Elite just to recieve early content download. Now we are being told we must wait a month, thus recieving our DLC at the same time as Xbox, and regular PS3 users. I for one am furious about this. Activision has many times now shown a lack of concern, and care for its customers. Showing they are only concerned about their bottom line. This is a perfect example of False advertising, and I hope Activision see's a huge lawsuit over this. What is your opinion?

Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Second Call Of Duty commercial

a second video for Call Of Duty. not as funny as the first but still good.

great Call Of Duty Elite commercial

thought this commercial was funny. with the new DLC being launched I thought now would be a great time to show it.

White Dwarf 25th anneversary model

Thank you to faeit 212 for the information.

this is apparently the cover, and one inside page from the upcoming White Dwarf.
there are translations below the picture. Thank you to everyone at dakkadakka for translating.
The Return of the King game (at the top)

The Lord of the Rings - The Battle Game
5 New Supplements and a ton of figures

Extension of the Civil War Series

Warhammer 40,000
Celebrating 25 years of Warhammer 40,000

The caption for the mini says:
"The head of an ork is held in his power fist..."
And in the paragraph it says:
"Juan Diaz sculpted a figure of a Space Marine captain brandishing a sinister trophy in his power fist, a plasma pistol in the other hand. "

Possible Lord of the Rings re-release in Febuary

Thank you to kroothawk at dakkadakka for collecting this information.

Looks like we may be recieving a Lord of the Rings re-release in Febuary. This includes 5 books that cover all armies. All existing books will be removed and are no longer for sale, except for the rulebook itself and the three campaign books for the three movies.

The Books will contain updated rules for ALL LotR Miniatures and nullify the entries in the big Rulebook. The rulebook is not replaced, but each of the five new themed books contains several pages of updated rules.

All armies will change drastically

WotR will mostly vanish from stores and be a better supported specialist game. There will be releases for WotR, but the LotR tabletop stays the third of the three big GW games (I for one am sad to read this part I enjoyed WOTR).

Some of the new models are below. On a side note it looks like the Tyranid, and Necron releases will be in either late Febuary, or early March. I will let you all know more as I learn more.

Tuesday, January 24, 2012

Star Wars The Old Republic - a look at what is to come

A look at what is to come in Star Wars The Old Republic.

Necron 2500 point list

OK so here is my first attempt at making a 2500 point list for the Necrons. I went for negating enemy forces while making me almost impossible to remove from an objective. I also attempted to cause damage to my opponent in their phase as well as mine. please let me know what you think.

Imotekh the storm lord
Royal court - 1 cryptek Harbinger of transmogrification with seismic Crucible
1 lord with res. orb and WarScythe

C'tan shard with Sentient Singularity, and Writhing Worldscape
deathmarks X10

20 Necron warriors with a Night Scythe (night Scythe will be used for tomb blades)
10 necron warriors plus a Ghost Ark
10 necron warriors plus a Ghost Ark
10 necron warriors plus a Ghost Ark

Fast Attack
10 Canoptek Scarabs
10 Canoptek Scarabs
5 Tomb Blades with Shield Vanes

Heavy Support
1 Doom Scythe

I think this will be a very competitive list, but please critique it for me. If you have suggestions please don't be afraid to post them.

Thursday, January 19, 2012

Chaos Dwarf Daemon smiths new release at forge world

Thank you Faeit212 for this news

Chaos Daemon smiths are the latest release up on Forge world. These models were designed by Thais Mariblanca Lopez and Steve Whitehead, and they look absolutely fantastic.

2012 - speculation on the future of Games Workshop releases

This is the possible 2012 release schedule after Vampires. Please realize this is made up of rumors and speculation, so take with a grain of salt. Thank you to Kroot Hawk at Dakka Dakka for putting all this in one place.
The Magic Arcana Warhammer Forge book.

Early February – Tyranids wave 2
Late February – Necron wave 2
Possibly an Imperial Guard wave

Masterclass 2 book from Forge World

Next army book
Followed up by Warriors of Chaos in August or Q4

Speculation on Codices in order of possible release
Black Templar, Tau, 6th edition, Chaos Legions, Eldar. This is all speculative
The mystery box for Fall is rumored to be Bloodbowl

Wednesday, January 18, 2012

The Old Republic Update

Today is a major update for Star Wars the old republic. Named update 1.1 Rise of the Rakghouls. Not even a month old yet, and Bioware is already holding true to its promise of keeping players excited about their game. The update includes a new flashpoint set on the planet Kaon. This will be a lvl 50 flashpoint but should cause excitement through the Old Republic community. Hopefully Bioware holds to this level of dedication and keeps giving its customers fresh content.
Aside from the new flashpoint, Bioware also added the following into its update. I am glad to see Bioware is taking a proactive approach at this game. How do you feel about Star Wars The Old Republic, and its latest update?
• Anti-aliasing is now available and can be enabled in the preferences menu.

Classes and Combat

 Healing caused by crowd control abilities no longer generates threat.
 Tooltips for abilities modified by skill points now display correct damage values.
 The cooldown indicator on hotbars no longer causes all ability icons to appear grayed out (unusable). Now, when an ability is on cooldown, it will not be grayed out if its activation conditions (like resource costs or range) are met.
 Using character rotation keys no longer breaks a character out of cover.

 This ability now transfers to a new friendly target without requiring deactivation on the previous target.
 Activating this ability while targeting a guarded or invalid target will still toggle the Guard ability off.
 A distinct visual effect is now present on characters using Guard on another character, and another effect is now present on the guarded character if they leave Guard's range.

 A new visual effect has been added to the user and the target of the Taunt ability for the duration of its effect.

Jedi Knight

 Force Leap: This ability no longer functions on Portable Holo Dancers.

 Enure: This ability's cooldown has been reduced to 1.5 minutes.
 Force Push: Now finishes the cooldown on Force Leap.

Bug Fixes
 Force Stasis: This ability is now correctly an instant ability when both Stasis Mastery and the 2-piece PvP set bonus are present.
 Plasma Brand: This ability's tooltip now properly reflects the damage it does. Its damage has not been adjusted.

Sith Warrior

 Intercede: This ability no longer functions on Portable Holo Dancers.
 Shatter: This ability's tooltip now correctly reflects its damage; damage from this ability has not been adjusted.

 Endure Pain: This ability's cooldown has been reduced to 1.5 minutes.
 Force Push: Now finishes the cooldown on Force Charge.

Bug Fixes
 Force Choke: This ability is now correctly an instant ability when both Force Grip and the 2-piece PvP set bonus are present.

Jedi Consular

 Project: This ability no longer shakes the screen of onlookers.

 Battle Readiness: Now allows Combat Technique to trigger once every 3 seconds.
 Combat Technique: Healing received through Combat Technique has been increased, scales properly at higher levels, and can only be triggered once every 4.5 seconds.
 Slow Time: This ability's damage has been increased by 15% and it now slows the movement speed of all affected targets.

Sith Inquisitor

 Dark Charge: Healing received through Dark Charge has been increased, scales properly at higher levels, and can only be triggered once every 4.5 seconds.
 Overcharge Saber: Now allows Dark Charge to trigger once every 3 seconds.
 Wither: Damage has been increased by 15% and it now slows the movement speed of all affected targets.


 Flash Grenade: This ability now has a 60-second cooldown.


 Accomplished Sawbones: The tooltip now reflects the actual healing bonus of 10/20/30%.

 Underdog: The tooltip for this skill has been re-worded to clearly state which abilities are modified.

Dirty Fighting (Shared Tree)
 Rough and Tumble: This skill now properly reduces the cooldown of Wounding Shots.

Imperial Agent

Bug Fixes
 Corrected an issue where activating cover, using Explosive Probe, and then using Snipe could cause Snipe to be interrupted.

Bounty Hunter

 Incendiary Missile: This ability is no longer misclassified as an Area of Effect ability.

Companion Characters

o C2-N2 and 2V-R8 no longer vocalize crafting commentary during combat.
o The Carbonized Stream companion ability no longer breaks prematurely.


Ashara Zavros
 Ashara's Force Blast ability has had its damage increased.
 Ashara now animates correctly when using dual wield attacks.

Jaesa Willsaam
 Fixed a bug that could block marriage dialogue options with this companion.

Kira Carsen
 Fixed an issue that caused players to be unable to progress in Kira's affection conversations. Players previously affected by this issue can now speak to Kira and progress normally.

Bug Fixes
o Companions will now sell trash items when requested, regardless of group size.
o Companion healing abilities no longer apply a permanent green effect on the character.
o Fixed an issue that caused Companion Characters to sometimes have the incorrect appearance in cinematics.
o Companion abilities that have been disabled by the player no longer toggle back on when the companion is re-summoned.
o Corrected an issue that caused the indicator that a companion wants to talk to you to disappear.
o Companions no longer need to be re-summoned after selling trash items if the player mounts a vehicle after dispatching them.
o Traveling from a Contested Area to a Contested Region now causes companions to be unsummoned correctly.

Crew Skills

Crafting Skills

Below, you'll notice some changes to high-end Biochem and Cybertech crafted items that reduce their output. We understand that these changes may cause concern for Biochemists and Cybertechs, but we've made them in order to prevent a situation where any specific crafting skill becomes the objective "best choice" for players challenging endgame content or PvP. We only make this type of change after very careful consideration, and only to ensure a level and fun playing field for all players.
 All mod type item modification schematics have been removed from the Artifice trainer. These schematics were invalid, and could not be used if purchased.

 Biochem medpacks that heal a player and their companion no longer revive defeated companions.
 All Energized, Exotech, and Rakata adrenals and stims now require 400 Biochem for use.
 The Exotech Medpac is now named "Exotech Med Unit." Its overall healing has been reduced and is now in line with similar level medpacs, and it temporarily increases the maximum health of its targets. Use of this item now requires 400 Biochem.
 The amount healed by Rakata Medpacs has been reduced. This item now additionally increases maximum health briefly. Use of this item now requires 400 Biochem.

 Wynz-Tek grenades now require 400 Cybertech for use.
 Wynz-Tek Grenades have had their damage reduced to bring them more in line with grenades of similar level.
 The Wynz-Tek Firestorm grenade's damage has been reduced to bring it in line with grenades of similar level. It now deals damage every 3 seconds over 12 seconds.

Bug Fixes
o Corrected an issue that prevented recently completed Crew Skill missions from showing up in the next list of available missions.
o Fixed a bug that could cause Crew Skills a character didn't have to appear in the Crew Skills window.
o Players can no longer loot harvesting nodes they do not have the appropriate Crew Skill for after a group member harvests (but does not loot) a node.

Flashpoints and Operations

o A new level 50 Flashpoint, Kaon Under Siege, is now available for play in Normal and Hard Modes!
o The Gav Daragon and the Ziost Shadow have been expanded to accommodate the Kaon Under Siege gateway.
o The difficulty of some non-boss enemies in Flashpoints has been adjusted.
o Enemies now drop credits more frequently in Flashpoints.


The Battle of Ilum
 Krel Thak's Allied Weequay Pirates have had their toughness reduced in Hard Mode.

The Black Talon
 Some enemies in this Flashpoint are no longer invisible.

 General Ortol's rocket fire damage no longer occurs when the rocket is not active.

Colicoid War Game
 This Flashpoint's mission now correctly leads the players into the Flashpoint.

Directive 7
 Bulwark was dealing more damage than intended in Normal Mode. His damage output has been reduced.
 Corrected an issue that caused Interrogator to sometimes spawn far more cyborgs than intended. The fight is now more manageable.
 Corrected an issue that allowed Replicator to become susceptible to crowd control in Hard Mode, making the encounter easier than intended.

The False Emperor
 The Sith Entity's affliction ability now properly deals damage in Hard Mode.
 HK-47 now has the correct amount of health in Normal Mode.
 Tregg no longer immediately initiates his whirlwind attack after leaping to a player target. Players now have more time to react and avoid whirlwind damage.
 Corrected an issue that caused Jindo Krey to randomly target players with his blaster attack. He now focuses those attacks on his primary target, making him "tankable" as intended.
 Players can now acquire special Pulse Grenades outside of Darth Malgus' throne room. These grenades aid groups lacking knockback abilities in defeating him.

The Foundry
 Corrected an issue that could cause the final boss to become stuck at 10% health.
 The final boss now resets if he is pulled out of his chamber. This prevents an exploit allowing players to avoid the encounter's mechanics.
 The final boss was unintentionally dealing 70k damage with one of his attacks. This has been corrected.
 Players can no longer cause the final boss to become stuck in an immune state by damaging him too quickly in his final phase.

Maelstrom Prison
 X-37 Oppressor Droid's grapple can no longer be resisted, ensuring the fight mechanic behaves as intended.

The Red Reaper
 The Red Reaper mission now updates correctly for the entire group when the mission is obtained on the Imperial or Republic Fleets.


Eternity Vault
 Players are now able to successfully loot the chest after defeating the Infernal Council.
 Perimeter Defense Cannons have been re-tuned and have improved targeting behaviors.
 Soa's Mind Trap and Force Throw abilities no longer target the same player multiple times; they now target every player in the group once.
 Ball lightning enemies summoned by Soa deal damage in a smaller radius.
 The Annihilation Droid's rocket burst attack no longer deals double damage in 16-player Operations.
 Soa now summons fewer ball lightning enemies during the final round in 16-player Operations.
 The Ancient Pylons now reset correctly if not solved within the allotted time.
 Soa's mind traps unintentionally had 200k health in Nightmare Mode. This amount has been reduced significantly.
 The duration of the Penalty of Destiny effect in the Infernal Council encounter has been increased to 1 minute. Players are unable to assist other players in their fight for the duration of this effect.
 Players are now released from Soa's mind traps in the correct location after the encounter.

Karagga's Palace
 Four new bosses can now be battled by players in Karagga's Palace!
 Players no longer get stuck attempting to exit the Karagga's Palace phase.
 Reduced the damage of Bonethrasher's Overhead Smash attack and reduced the distance players are knocked back by his Backhand attack in Hard Mode. This gives players more room to avoid being knocked into the pit.
 Bonethrasher no longer attacks players immediately after they fall into his pit when re-entering after being defeated, allowing players to regroup before engaging.

Bug Fixes

 Corrected an issue that prevented some enemy NPCs from spawning in Flashpoints.
 The correct error message now displays when a player attempts to enter a different Flashpoint than the rest of the group.
 Flashpoint gateways no longer display as orange in incorrect circumstances.
 Fixed an issue that prevented Flashpoint difficulty from being set properly.
 Fixed an issue that caused mapnotes directing players to some Flashpoints to not appear correctly.
 Corrected map issues that made locating mission objectives on the Gav Daragon difficult.
 Fixed an issue preventing some players from opening a chest after a boss fight if the group was previously defeated by the boss.


o An Item Modification Table has been added to the Supplies areas of the Republic and Imperial Fleets.
o Several tanking relics that had the incorrect stats have been corrected.

o Battlemaster Gear Tokens have been converted into Battlemaster Commendations, which can be used to purchase any Battlemaster gear. This allows players to purchase any piece of gear instead of requiring them to purchase the piece indicated by the token.
o Battlemaster Bags now contain Battlemaster Commendations instead of Battlemaster Gear Tokens. They still also contain Champion Commendations.
o The PvP item "Heal Consumable" is now named "Warzone Medpac." Its cooldown has been reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes and it now shares the 1.5-minute cooldown with other medpacs. This item can be used effectively over time, but now cannot be stacked beyond what is intended.
o The PvP item "Overcharge Consumable" is now named "Warzone Expertise Adrenal." Its cooldown has been reduced from 5 minutes to 3 minutes and it now shares a cooldown with other adrenals. It (and other adrenals) no longer stack with the PvP Power-Up that increases Expertise to prevent Expertise values from increasing beyond intended levels.
o Warzone Medpacs and Warzone Expertise Adrenals no longer share a cooldown with each other.
o A new line of high-end PvP relics with appropriate PvP stats have been added to PvP vendors.

Bug Fixes
o Removing a modification from an item and then re-inserting it no longer causes that modification to be lost upon area transitions.

Missions and NPCs

o All Bonus Series missions and their required missions can now be abandoned.
o Certain Wampas on Hoth that were preying on lower-level characters have had their level reduced.


 In Cold Blood: Enemies that use Armor Piercing Cell during this mission no longer each stack a debuff on the player.
 A Dangerous Auction: The step "Travel to Hutta" now updates if the player travels there via the Imperial Fleet.
 Death Marks: This mission now advances in the Star Cluster Casino regardless of player decisions regarding Yjal on Balmorra.
 Enclave Raid: This mission no longer becomes blocked if players complete the task "Defeat Tarisian Enclave Masters" before completing "Recover Tarisian Artifacts."
 Geroya be Haran: Objectives related to this mission now glow when selected.
 Honor or Glory: Players can no longer repeat a conversation with Torian.
 Hutt Hospitality: The conversation with Ambassador Rove now takes into account the outcome of a decision regarding Grub.
 Legerdemain: The dialogue with Chaney Barrow can no longer be repeated.
 The Mandalorian Killer: Kellian Jarro and Thendys Noori now correctly spawn during this mission.
 Pressure Points: The Lerantha Lurker no longer engages players in combat before completing its spawn sequence.
 The Sacred Flame: Blank dialogue options no longer display during this mission's conversations.
 Shadow Spawn: The Sith Spawn no longer knocks players down for longer than intended.
 The Slave-Killers: Players can no longer repeat a conversation that belongs to this mission.
 Spiking the Punch: Players can no longer repeat Vicebaron Heitor's initial dialogue.
 Thuggish Behavior: Corrected an issue that could cause the player to remain stuck in combat during this mission. The required kills to complete this mission have been reduced.

 Back Alley: Players now receive credit for defending the point with the turret.
 Climbing the Ladder: A conversation related to this mission no longer ends prematurely.
 Droid Clean Up: Corrected an issue that caused the bonus mission to persist in the player's mission log.
 Lab Work: Choosing the dark side option in this mission no longer causes this mission to stop advancing.
 Prison Breaking: Rist Slayers, Stalkers, Torturers, and Prison Guards now respawn correctly.
 Rescue Operation: This mission now progresses normally if the player is defeated on the step "Use Your Personal Holocom" when fleeing the base.
 Scorched Earth: The mission objective NPC in this mission no longer spawns as friendly and unattackable in some instances.
 Shattering: Mission progression no longer becomes blocked if the player returns to the med center after being defeated in combat.
 The Shadow Fist: Mission progression no longer becomes blocked if the player closes the loot window on the step "Recover the Stealth Field Generator."
 The Summit: The difficulty of the encounter with Sidone has been reduced.
 Thwarting House Thul: Thul Mercenaries, Thul Sharpshooters, and Thul Colonels now respawn properly.
 Vivicar Awaits: Lowered the amount of enemies that attack the player during the step "Find a Way Past the Force Field."


 Redris Korin on Corellia now uses ranged Force abilities in combat.

Bug Fixes
 Jilcoln Cadera's abilities now correctly take into account whether a player is immune from knockbacks.
 The "Primal Destroyer" World Boss on Belsavis is now "Overwhelming" as intended.
 The World Boss "The First" on Dromund Kaas no longer inhibits Bounty Hunter's Rapid Shots, and Imperial Agents will no longer be knocked out of cover during combat with it.
 Fixed a bug that could cause specific NPCs to appear miniature-sized in conversations.
 Players using the French and German clients can now obtain daily PvE missions.


o The shuttle room in Dorn Base Command Center on Hoth is no longer considered contested territory.
o Ka on Voss is now a PvP Sanctuary.
o Players who are interacting with a Warzone objective and are then affected by an area of stealth effect will have the objective interaction interrupted. This ensures players cannot exploit area of stealth effects to secure Warzone objectives unaffected and unseen by defending players.


 Level 50 players now participate in their own Warzone bracket and will not be matched with lower-level players.

 Players can no longer respawn inside the Warzone with full health under certain conditions.

World PvP

 The daily and weekly mission objectives in Ilum now require defeating enemy players and/or collecting armaments from the center objective.
 Players now gain increased Valor from player kills in Ilum.
 Players now gain increased bonus Valor for kills based on the number of objectives controlled by their faction.
 Increased bonus Valor is now granted for player kills when defending an objective your faction owns.
 A notification is now displayed when a player gains Valor.
 Three new respawn points have been added for each faction.
 Companions are now restricted from the PvP objective area on Ilum.
 Notifications are now displayed when enemy players are close to an objective.
 Automated defense turrets have been added to Empire and Republic taxi spawn points.
 Particle Cannons around the Empire and Republic bases now activate more reliably.

The Outlaws' Den (Tatooine)
 Chests containing Mercenary Commendations are now available again in the Outlaw's Den.

Bug Fixes

 The scoreboard value for "Highest Protection Per Single Life" now functions correctly.
 Players who have left a Warzone can no longer receive an MVP vote from teammates.
 Your PvP status will now be toggled automatically upon leaving a PvP region.
 Additional feedback is now provided when a player attempts to toggle their PvP flag.
 The Bolster tooltip now more accurately represents the buff's effects.

 Corrected a rare issue that could cause the Frogdogs to be declared the winner in a 0-0 match even if the Rotworms held the ball last.

 Mountable turrets in Ilum no longer deal damage to targets behind them or outside their range.
 Turrets no longer immediately dismount the player after use.
 Fixed a bug that would not grant proper credit to the first player to interact with a mission loot chest.
 Players will now receive proper Valor and mission credit when defeating another player.

Space Combat

Bug Fixes
o Armor Upgrade 2 now has the correct armor value.


o Players now receive the appropriate message when they are unable to enter an area because they are in an Operation group.

o Fixed a bug that prevented the minimap title from displaying when loading into the game or refreshing the UI.
o Corrected an issue that caused some mapnotes to disappear from the minimap when other mapnotes were updated.

o Item hyperlinks now display stats for crafted research items properly.
o Item hyperlinks no longer display erroneous additional information relating to schematics when examined.
o Attempting to place a non-mission item into the mission inventory now displays an error message.
o Dragging equipment onto the character paper doll no longer prompts an item deletion notice. Items dragged to the paper doll are now equipped if possible.
o Item set bonuses now appear on the tooltip when viewing an item on a vendor.
o Items that can be modified now display with the correct loot color in the loot roll window.
o Comparative tooltips now correctly display stat differences when mousing over items in the Crew Skills window.

Bug Fixes
o Fixed the tooltip display for ability cooldowns over one hour in length.
o The interface for splitting stacks of items now displays correctly.
o Servers that are online now always display on top of servers that are offline in the Server Select screen.
o Corrected a typographical error in the "Additional Commands" context menu option.
o Players nearby a player who achieves a new Legacy level no longer receive the Legacy level-up notification.
o Legacy name display preferences now persist when travelling between planets.
o A new confirmation dialogue now appears when submitting spam reports in game.
o Sorting now works correctly in the Guilds tab.
o Opening the Inventory Panel with the button on the Menu Bar now always correctly displays the reverse engineering button.
o Inviting a new player to a guild no longer causes the member list to display incorrectly.

Miscellaneous Bug Fixes
o The owner of a holocall conversation is no longer shown in the last frame of the cinematic.
o Players can no longer teleport to the location of a player whose conversation they are spectating.
o Players can no longer prevent others from using a mission-related item in the world by refusing to close its loot window.
o The spacebar button is now recognized when a player presses it to progress after a loading screen even if the spacebar button has been re-bound.
o Additional issues that could impact performance on Taris have been addressed.
o Vanity pets can no longer be considered targets for any abilities.
Players who spectated conversations no longer unleash an initial massive critical social roll in their next multiplayer conversation.
o Corrected an issue that could cause some preferences to reset to defaults upon area transitions.
o Respawnable chests are no longer present in some mission phases.
o An Aim Datacron on Ilum is now accessible and no longer repeats its initial cinematic once used.
o A Datacron on Coruscant is no longer blocked by unintentional collision.
o Corrected an issue with older ATI cards that could cause the game to render as a black screen.
o Falls on the Republic and Imperial Fleets that should lead to death now properly do so. Players who die on the Fleets now respawn at the appropriate med center.
o Corrected an issue that could cause the game to crash during area transitions.
o Fixed a bug that could cause players to fall through the world during or after a conversation or cinematic.

Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Necron FAQ - did we get nerfed?

Well the FAQ was much easier to read then I thought it would be. I am very happy to say the Necrons didn't get the Nerf, all rules seem to be of the correcting type. and the FAQ's actually support some of their more crazy rules. All in all for the Necrons it is a great FAQ. I will start on the others ASAP and tell you all if I find any major news.

New FAQ out for 40K

Thank you to Faeit 212 for pointing this out.

The new FAQ's are out for 2012, and the first FAQ for the Necrons are included. I will let you know if the Nerf bat has hit the Necrons or if we are safe. The list of new FAQ's are

1. Necrons
2. Main Rulebook
3. Blood Angels
4. Chaos Daemons
5. Space Marines
6. Dark Angels
7. Dark Eldar
8. Eldar
9. Grey Knights
10. Imperial Guard
11. Ork
12. Chaos Space Marines
13. Space Wolves
14. Tyranid
13. Apocalypse
14. Apocalypse Reload

Notice the Tau, and Black Templar aren't in this list. this could be a possible hint as to what we can expect next for 40K.

Friday, January 13, 2012

A call to arms

this is a upcoming event for the following Games Workshop storeson January 28th.
Carkeek Plaza – Seattle
Denton Town Crossing – Denton
Empire Shopping Center – Antioch
Grapevine Mills – Grapevine
Naperville – Naperville
Preston Ridge – Frisco
Tomball Crossing - Houston

the events will be as follows according to Games workshops website.

Call to Arms!
A Showcase of the Hobby Community Saturday, January 28th
The orders have been given - mobilize your forces and gather at the store to prepare for inspection of your models, discuss the tactics of your new army, and create defensive terrain.

Painting Competition
Muster your models for inspection (1 entry per category). Winners will receive a "Call to Arms" certificate of honour. The community will vote for their favorite in these categories:
• Best Hero
• Best Unit
• Best Large Model

Purchase a new Warhammer Battalion, 40K Battleforce, or equivalent on the "Call to Arms" showcase day, assemble and paint your new force, and gather the army in formation in a month's time. Every commander who completes this task will receive a collector's patch, and the best battalion and battleforce will be rewarded a certificate of honour and be displayed in the store's cabinets.

Gaming Board
Aid in the war and create a gaming table and terrain for all to battle on. Help decide the theme of the battleground and what terrain will be used.

What will be released for Vampires tomorrow

My local Games Workshop has sent out some teaser photos of what to expect in stores Saturday January 14th. I'm sure all the vampire counts fans are sharpening their teeth.

and saved the best for last, this model looks amazing