Thursday, January 19, 2012

2012 - speculation on the future of Games Workshop releases

This is the possible 2012 release schedule after Vampires. Please realize this is made up of rumors and speculation, so take with a grain of salt. Thank you to Kroot Hawk at Dakka Dakka for putting all this in one place.
The Magic Arcana Warhammer Forge book.

Early February – Tyranids wave 2
Late February – Necron wave 2
Possibly an Imperial Guard wave

Masterclass 2 book from Forge World

Next army book
Followed up by Warriors of Chaos in August or Q4

Speculation on Codices in order of possible release
Black Templar, Tau, 6th edition, Chaos Legions, Eldar. This is all speculative
The mystery box for Fall is rumored to be Bloodbowl

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