Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Liquid Green Stuff

I had a chance to help a friend with his dark Eldar this week. He had bought some liquid green stuff because he converted a few parts, and was building a lot of fine cast models. Since I originally posted partial anger to this product, I thought I would write a review for all of you on what I thought.

I have worked with Green stuff, Grey stuff, and any other color of stuff you might imagine. my first impressions of green stuff was like over processed taffy. and had a almost candy like scent to it. I used a standard GW brush to apply the green stuff to a model, it easily filled in the gap and almost smoothed out on it's own. I was actually quite surprised with how easy it was to apply the new liquid. The only thing that surprised me more was how smooth it started to set. once we let it set for a bit we where able to shape it a little bit (something not recomended for the beginner stick to regular green stuff for most of this) and once agian it worked well. The one thing that really set out in my mind was how smooth it set. I think since it didn't require being folded together, or kneaded between our fingers. Then it was brushed on versus shaped into place really made a difference in how smooth it came out. once it had set we primed the model, it looked fantastic. You couldnt tell where the green stuff was.

In conclusion, while I still question Games Workshops reason for realising this product right now. I think it is a great product. I am definitely purchasing a bottle to add to my hobby supplies. Thank you Games Workshop for another magnificent product.


  1. The reviews of this product seem almost universally positive. I'm going to pick some up this evening, so I'll never have to waste a huge amount of normal green stuff just to fill a small gap.

    While the timing of the release is suspicious I do wonder if this product could get through the GW development stream in the time since Finecast released or was it something they had in the stream longer.

  2. I am really hoping it was in the stream before the Finecast issue's. I really like this product.