Friday, September 30, 2011

A Necron hint, and what's to come

A few rumors are floating around this week. I'll just post what has been said. Both have very interesting tid bits about what is to come, and seem to confirm some of the rumor mill that has been floating around.

and remember with all rumors take with a healthy amount of salt.

Thank you Faeit 212 for this information from the responsibleone.

This is from the design studio seminar 4 with Wayde Price at Games Day

Wade Pryce got as close to an apology about Finecast as I've heard without saying "sorry". He said that he (and GW) accepted that the quality of the Finecast models at the start had not been great, but that he was pretty confident it was now sorted. He also was very clear that if you were not happy about something you should contact GW directly about it, as they do listen to feedback. This was repeated on quite a few controversial things throughout the seminar.
I say we call Games Workshop out on this one and everyone call their customer service about how unhappy we are.

- When discussing the hard backed Warhammer Armies books, he mentioned that he'd been asked when that would be done for 40K. His response? "Well, if I were you, I'd notice that we started doing full colour, hard backed army books after we'd done a full colour Warhammer core rulebook. So I'd be looking out for hardbacked codexes after we published a new, full colour 40K rulebook..."

This is from the second Foregeworld seminar at Games Day

- When asked why Forgeworld didn't do more Necron stuff, Tony said that given the age of the Codex, it was probably better for them to wait until after a new codex was released...

This is from The Decapitator at

So before anyone says it, I am aware that this doesn't neccesarily mean that they are definitely the next codex/army book, and I am aware that WD is produced about 5-6 months in advance, however having just left Lenton I thought I'd update you guys with the models not currently on display as a *possible* indication of what's *potentially* coming.

Hope that's clear enough!

So 40k wise, Necrons, Black Templars and Chaos Space Marines are all currently "on campaign".

And WFB wise Empire, Vampires and Dwarfs are all currently missing too.

Make of that what you will.

On a side note, GW have changed the little notices stating that the models are on campaign to include the fact that they could be seen in an upcoming WD or Web Article.

40K backstory in almost a minute!!!!!

video by Lore

Great video made me laugh.

thank you to faeit 212 for bringing this video to light, if you haven't visited his sight, please do you can find him in my blog list.

Thursday, September 29, 2011

Battlefield 3 hands on review

EA released the beta for Modern Warfare 3 today. While many other companies are restricting their Beta EA has opened beta for everyone. All PS3, Xbox360 gold members, and Computer players can download this beta. I have had a chance to play the game now on the Xbox, and PS3, and I must say I’m blown away.
The level is called Operation Metro. The game mode is Rush. Rush for those who don’t know is kind of like sabotage, but you blow up two targets, then move to a new area to blow up 2 more. There is only one level that you get to play, but I feel it showcases 3 different environments. The first is a park, this level has long range sniping areas, mixed with great mid, and short range firefights as well. It is really cool to see tree’s fall when grenades or rockets damage them. The second and third area is a subway tunnel, and a subway station. In the tunnel the lighting effects are cool, and if someone takes the tactical flashlight, or the laser sight they can blind you in the dark with them. The final area showcases city fighting. I enjoy this area the most. Multiple floors are open on many of the buildings and rockets will destroy sections of the wall.
Gameplay is great, I like the leveling system and the rewards keep you wanting to play. It took me a minute to figure out how to swap my equipment but once I did it was easy. I think EA needs to work on their Balancing mechanic. On more than one team today we were totally ran over, when the next round started the teams didn’t even change. Another sad fact is while playing the Xbox 360 there were a lot of people glitching and hiding under world, while I know this is Beta it was pretty bad. I also thought it was funny the PS3 people didn’t do it, I only saw 1 glitcher vs the 15 I saw on Xbox.
Graphically the game is beautiful. The characters are a little ugly but that’s OK. It also seemed like every character had their face covered. When walls blew up, it looked nice, not blocky or unrealistic. And personally the lighting worked for me perfect. I was very impressed that a beta ran as well as this game does. In closing I really am enjoying this beta, and would recommend playing it. I would just suggest doing so on the PS3.

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Is Games Workshop profiting off their own blunder?????

Thank you to BrookM at for the information, and picture.

Let me start off by saying I really hate making this post. My intent when starting my blog was to stay positive, but gosh darn it GW quit making this so easy. While I haven’t seen the new White Dwarf yet, it would appear some people have their copies early. On the new items page are the following items. (prices are converted from Euros so not exact)
- Citadel cleanup kit: Contains a flash brush with right rigid bristles for removing flash from resin and a mouldline scraping tool, ideal for metal, resin and plastic. $14.99

- Citadel Emery boards: Pack contains three emery boards that are great for smoothing resin surfaces. Contains two fine-grade and one super-duper-extra-fine-grade board. $5.99

- Citadel liquid green stuff: paint bottle of liquid green stuff. Water soluble, designed for gap filling and removing air bubbles. $ 4.99

- Revamped Citadel tool kit: Contains all previous tools along with the new clean up kit.
The post on these items immediately caused controversy. The liquid green stuff in particular. When GW released their new fine cast models a few months ago, it was marred with issues. They had every possible issue they could. Shipping made some release date models late, The models weren’t packed with all their parts or the wrong ones (I recently saw a black Ork with the body of Lysander instead in the package). But the largest problem has been mold issues. The molding issues include bubbles, mold lines from hell, and even entire body parts missing such as hands and feet.
Games Workshop openly stated this was release day gen 1 issues. A very valid excuse in my opinion. Nothing ever works as planned when a product is first released, an a lot of times there are the exact issue’s they’ve been having. Here in also lies the problem, after months of saying we’ll fix the issue’s we’ll fix the issues. Games workshop has now stated to it customer base “not our problem you fix our issue’s”. Have they came out a blatantly said that no, but their actions tell us just that.
Lets look at these products in detail
- Citadel cleanup kit: Contains a flash brush with right rigid bristles for removing flash from resin and a mouldline scraping tool, ideal for metal, resin and plastic. $14.99
depending on how rigid the brush is this product could be useful, I do worry about this item on fine cast, and plastic models that are thin or have swords. People tend to brush to hard and will probably break models. Other than that I will probably purchase this product.
- Citadel Emery boards: Pack contains three emery boards that are great for smoothing resin surfaces. Contains two fine-grade and one super-duper-extra-fine-grade board. $5.99
this is silly, the veteran hobby people have used emery boards for years, we know they are cheap and easy to come by, and does a fantastic job of smoothing surfaces. Why in heck would someone pay that much for emery boards? This is just a blatant money making scheme. While I see it as such I also must say games Workshop has a good plan with this. A fool and his money are easily parted; I say shame on the consumer for this one because they will buy it.
- Citadel liquid green stuff: paint bottle of liquid green stuff. Water soluble, designed for gap filling and removing air bubbles. $ 4.99
I have to laugh every time I read this, if I don’t laugh id probably cry. The exact words in the White Dwarf state perfect for gaps and air bubbles. So instead of fixing their problem Games Workshop is now going to charge us more money???????? I really want to rant about this but I won’t. I think just pointing out what I have is enough for most people. While I really want to try this product because I am a person who enjoys modifying his figures, I think this product is a blatant way for Games Workshop to profit off their own mistakes.
In Short, I really want to love Games Workshop, I always have. I have defended them in the past, but not this time. Something big needs to change with their company; they aren’t the only choice out there anymore. Two of my local hobby stores are full of players from other games now. Games Workshop you might be the 800 pound gorilla, but remember what happened to King Kong once he got cocky.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

EA shoots another shot across Activisions Bow

Just by going to you can see EA is calling Activision out. In big bold letter it says “Better Engine, Unrivaled destruction, bigger battles, true team play, and drive vehicles”. All points any Battlefield fan will argue makes it better than Call of Duty. But this wasn’t enough for EA, they also came out with a teaser video with Jay-Z singing 99 problems. During the video they show reviews and awards that Battlefield has already earned. Then at the end it says above and beyond the call. This is the most deliberate shot across another games bow I have seen in years. I wonder if Activision will respond. Check out the video here

Empire rumors showing up

Thank you to Darnok @ warseer for this rumor.

Please remember as with all rumors, they are rumors and never assume they are true.

(Taken from Darnok's post)
Empire will get 4 new kits, new knights, 2 new characters, and a new war alter. The alter is rumored to be a double kit that you can also make a Nuln cannon with. which is a very very big cannon used to protect the city of Nuln. The new Knights are also rumored to be demi-gryph knights, like the one released by forgeworld, shown below.

Monday, September 26, 2011

Abnormal showcase

I am starting a weekly post showcasing peoples models. If you have a cool model and want to show it off please send me a pic at

I will start off this week with 2 of mine since I obviously don't have any one elses pics yet.

A Sorcerer I painted for a regional painting contest.

A Mawloc I made for a painting contest a few years back.

My sanguinary Guard

A Empire steam tank

A Ork Deff Dread

Eldar Fire Prism

More pictures of the Fist of Thad

Assault marine units

My Baal predators. I don't use the side sponsons because I keep them moving. I also added a ash effect since The Fist of Thad is from a Lava and Ash world.

Sunday, September 25, 2011

Thank you to Kroothawk at
for the great picture.

So this weekend is the first games day since Games Workshop reworked their new release policy. If you are unfamiliar with this policy, basically all Games Workshop releases will now remain unannounced till 2 weeks before their release. So let’s say the Necrons are being released on October 15. Well it is more than 2 weeks out so Games Workshops new policy is to not admit it exists or that it is coming out. Yes even though the product is disappearing from the shelves, and the website. My local GW store hasn’t been replenished on GW products in a few months now but still plays stupid about their release, probably because he hasn’t been told anything either.
So no matter how frustrating it can be from a gamer at a retail store perspective, let’s look at what it hurts the most, particularly fan events. Almost everything has fan events, a chance for producers, and retailers to show their wares, and create hype about their future products. Comic and Movie fans have Comic-con here in the states. A huge event in San Diego where everything geek merges into a giant 3 day hype event. All kinds of people show up at comic-con including celebrities, and people showing what they are going to be releasing over the next year or 2. Video game fans have E3 a major event showcasing what is coming out in games for up to 3 years out. With these release notes comes 1 major thing, fan hype. Call of Duty has not lost people wanting to buy it because Activision announced it 6 months early. People are pre ordering it, they are talking about it. They are posting on fan sites. The fans are creating hype that marketing cant.
Now Games Workshop has their Games Day. Let’s rewind one year, Games Day 2010. Dark Eldar where announced, the new models where shown, people went crazy, and to this day people call 2010 Games Day the best one Games Workshop has ever had. OK lets fats forward to this weekend. Games Workshop has changed their release policy. No announcement till 2 weeks before the release of a product. Games day 2011 is being call flat and boring, a few upset fans are even calling it a waste of money. While Forge world has announced new things, Games Workshop is holding true to their new policy. Other than Forge world everything else is old. Hey GW Space Marine was released at the beginning of the month, why are you treating it like it is soon to be released. Many fans are walking away wondering what you guys are thinking, or doing and why they just spent money to see nothing new.
Now it’s time for my opinion. I have a very strong opinion on this subject so be prepared. Games Workshop is making a huge mistake here. Their Hobby is expensive, and despite what they claim they are far from recession proof. Many people (me included) have felt the pressure of the current economy. Our money isn’t as free flowing as it was. We need to save money now to get things that are expensive. I once heard a GW Regional manager say people in this hobby will sacrifice anything for this hobby including eating. Now while I’m sure there are a few that way I bet if you look at the general fans they won’t do any such thing. So that being said let’s look at this. So Games Workshop is now going to give us 2 weeks’ notice before new products come out……..2 weeks. OK so I’m not sure how the rest of the world receives their paychecks, but I know here in the States 2 weeks isn’t long enough to save much money at all. Some people might not even receive a paycheck in those 2 weeks. So what does that mean for Games Workshop? It’s simple I think my Necrons are coming out soon, so I am saving my money for their release. In the process I am not buying Ogre Kingdoms, or any other models being released at this time. This is because I don’t want to miss the Necrons being released. Many Games Workshop fans are doing the same thing.
When the items become available for pre order will Games workshop be able to fulfill my order? Or will I not receive my order on release day? Ooh wait they don’t care they already have my money. That’s right I am going there, I am going to drag the skeleton out of the closet, and use it to beat the dead horse. Games workshops shipping and pre order sales are notoriously awful. I know people who pre ordered things and didn’t receive it for a month. I myself pre ordered a limited run item only to be told after its release that it was sold out and I could spend the money on something else???? They didn’t even offer me a refund, just told me to spend it on something else in the store. So what Games Workshop is saying is we can’t get our shipping right when people order months in advance, but give us 2 weeks and we will get it right? I don’t know about anyone else but this scares me. How do they know how much product to ship? Will they get pre orders correct? From their past history, I think they will fail and fail badly at this.
So in closing, here is what I think. 2 weeks isn’t long enough to create hype. Many players and fans won’t buy products out of fear they won’t have the money when something they like comes out. Games Workshop shipping fails when they have months to fulfill orders, can you imagine how bad weeks are going to be. In short I think Games Workshop is making a huge mistake with this new policy. How do you feel about it? Tell me by posting below.

Thursday, September 22, 2011

My Armies on Parade winning army - The Fist Of Thad!!!!

So this is the winning picture of my Armies on parade army. The Fist of Thad. Soon I will post more pics with my back story for my own personal chapter of marines.

Call Of Duty MW3 VS Battlefield

Being a first person shooter fan, I am about to open a can of worms. The feud between Call of Duty and competitors is huge. Last year the competition depended on Medal of Honor (another EA title) to compete with Call of Duty Black Ops, and it squarly failed. Black Ops was a far better game, and even though Medal of Honor had a 2 month jump on Black Ops it still couldnt keep its players. The main reason was Medal of Honor while fun, didnt feel refined. The entire game was just sort of flat. Now fast forward a year, Call of Duty haters are abound. It seems to have actually become popular to hate a good game. EA is claiming that Battlefield 3 is a Call Of Duty killer. claiming that EA will cut Activisions fan base in half in the first year. These are big words...... but lets look at EA.

EA - Elecrtonic Arts. My former employer, and considered by many to be the evil empire of video games. Lets look at their past in the First person shooter Genre. 2 series in particular stand out for me on EA's resume. First Medal of Honor. This game helped create the first person shooter genre, and as far as I can remember was one of the first, if not the first to venture onto a console. They had a dynasty with this game, and with its Battlefield series (PC only). But they made a big mistake, they became complacant. They where the big dog and they knew it. When it came to first person Warfare video games EA was the king. This gave Activision the chance they needed, they took a shot directly for the Jugular and hit the mark.

Call of Duty while a PC release title came out to major acclaim and many people started playing this instead of Battlefront. Then Acclaim sealed the deal. Many companies still didnt take consoles serious. Major first person shooters ignored the consoles like the plague. Activision made Call of Duty 2 a first day release with the Xbox 360. This created a ton of hype, I remember sitting with a friend who bought a launch day 360 and playing Call Of Duty 2 for hours even after we beat it. This move Plus Activision using both Infinity Ward, and Treyarch both to make Call Of Duty games a huge advantage. Now 2 studios where making the game in a round Robin fashion, giving more time for both to develop and creat the game, and allowing Activision the ability to release a Call Of Duty every year.

Now I'm sure you want me to either defend, or put down either MW3 or Battlefield. Not going to happen here. I am buying both games, and playing both games. Then I will decide which one I will keep playing. I think this competition is great. It needs to exist, even as what some would call a Call Of Duty fan boy, I hope Battlefield does very well next month. The first person shooter genre needs the competition. When EA was on top they became complacant. Now that Activision is on top they are becoming complacant. The genre is starting to stagnate. Call of Duty clones abound, and everyone is trying to copy them instead of being innovative. So in short competition is needed, with the competition will come innovation. Hopefully breathing new life into a industry that has seemed very flat for a few years now.

Wednesday, September 21, 2011

The Dread Fleet

The wait is over, and to no surprise Dread Fleet is up for pre order. I really like the contents of the game, and I really hope Games Workshop will continue to support it after release. I like the fact they didn’t try to make it single fleets such as Empire VS Skaven. Instead they went the way of two allied fleets letting those who are too young or never played Man O War get a taste of all the different fleets it had to offer. I think the price is a little high $115.00 U.S. but it comes with a lot of product.
98-page Rulebook
Seascape Gaming Mat
10 Warships
10 Scenic Bases
7 Cog Auxiliaries
1 Dragon Auxiliary
1 Dirigible Auxiliary
7 Islands
5 Shipwreck Pieces
3 Sea Monsters
5 Treasure Tokens
12 Dice
1 Wind Gauge
2 Ship's Wheels
1 Navigation Rod
10 Warship Cards
55 Damage Cards
40 Fate Cards
12 Auxiliary Cards
10 Wound Cards
11 Miscellaneous Cards
The Fate cards seem like a great idea. I always find it fun to have unexpected things occur during a game. Let’s talk release day, I’m not sure why they are holding back the White Dwarf to release the same day as this set. I personally believe it is so they can drop announcements at Gamesday without the cat being let out of the bag early by the White Dwarf (Necrons anyone). Also The Black Library is releasing a Dread Fleet book (by Phil Kelly) the same day as the Game release, so it would seem all of Games Workshop is supporting this game. Want to see more? Click the link below to go to Games Workshop.

Tuesday, September 20, 2011

BREAKING NEWS!!!!!!! Necrons missing from GW site!!!!!!

Just Visited the GW website. a large amount of the Necrons are now completely missing from the site. I would have to say this helps confirm that new Necrons will be out very soon.

Missing from the Website are

Pariahs (flayed ones are still there but you cant add to cart)
and probably the biggest news the Necron warriors!!!!
(Update) - The Monolith, Necron Lord with Orb, and C'tan are now gone as well. (Thank you to faeit 212 for the updated information. faiet 212 is my favorite 40K blogger please go visit him)

I think at this point it is safe to say Necrons are on their way :-)

Forgeworld Boarding assault upgrade kit

Forgeworld has created a great upgrade kit for your assault marines. it inclodes large sheilds, cutters, and a graviton gun. Plus heads and a sword for your seargent. I really like the riot sheild full body look of these sheilds. I will probably pick some up for my more elite figures in my army. with a little moding I could even see these being used for body guards in a Imperial Guard army.

Monday, September 19, 2011

From Dust for the Playstation 3

I recently downloaded the PSN game From Dust. I am a huge fan of god games such as EA's remarkable Black & White, and the Sim series such as Sim city, or Sim Ant. To my knowledge this is the first time Ubisoft has made an attempt into this genre. this game has the usual approach, you play as the breath. a god like being created to help the people move through portals and regain their memory so they can protect themselves from the hostile enviroment they live in. A basic level is you have the humans build villages at the different shrines. once all shrines are populated a portal opens, and you can have your people exit the portal to the next level. Ubisoft has done a fantastic job with the graphics, and gameplay. The challenges are fun, and difficult, but not so hard you want to quit playing. some of the Cons are the controls are difficult sometimes, making sure you drop the elements you are moving in the right spot sometimes can be challenging. The camera angles are very poor, I feel they could have added much more control of the camera, and allow for more movement and better zooming functions. The most frusterating issue I had was with water and dirt there are levels where you need to block rivers and change their paths. You are only allowed to bring a certian amount of dirt at a time to drop in the river, by the time you return with more dirt the river has washed away most if not all the dirt from where you where building. I feel overall for a PSN game it is a great choice and well worth the $14.99 for regular PSN subscribers or $11.99 for PSN+ members. This game is also available on the Xbox 360 marketplace. If you would like to see more Ubisoft has a sight here

Great graphics
fun gameplay
everyone enjoys being a god

frusterating camera
controls could use a little refinement
erosion is frusterating ;-)

In conclusion - I recomend a buy for this game.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

The Tombs are glowing!!!!!!

Thank you to TheMadCellist for this tip.

Many items are dissapearing from the Games Workshop website. I visited it Monday and believe these items where still available. But as of today the following items can no longer be ordered direct from Games Workshop. The list is as follows.

Necron Codex - Been missing for some time but felt it should be on the list.
Necron Flayed Ones
Necron Pariahs
Necron Wraith
Necron Tomb spider

This list is all blister metal models, so im not sure if maybe this is fall out from the finecast models. but I am thinking it is a start for the release of the new Necron codex within the next two months.

Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Red Dead Redemption Game of the year edition

Rockstar games is releasing a game of the year edition of Red Dead Redemption. it will include all the free, and purchased DLC on one disc. this edition is slated for a relese date of October 11th for the Xbox 360, and Playstation 3 in North America.

Visit Rockstar here for more info.

Chapter House Mycetic Alien spore pods

sooo..... with me being new to the blog world, let me explain this. I fully understand Games Workshop protecting their License. I feel a gamer should be able to make their own models from Games Workshop products. But some of us don't have the modeling talent, and lets face facts. Games Workshop doesn't make a model close to this.

Chapter House has one of the coolest items I have seen to date. it is a Mycetic spore model. While they have been available almost a year, I really like them and decided to post a pic here. I really like the products at Chapter House go check them out some time.

The Tombs Stir - Necrons, are they being released?

This is the big question. With the new attitude of Games Workshop, and their policy of secrecy till weeks before release who knows..... Ive been checking my favorite haunts and still only recieving the same old info.
both DakkaDakka (, and BOLS ( rumors, but they are old rumors. The only thing I am finding are trolls. and peolpe trying to anger people. That being said, I really hope the rumors of a November release are true. I love the Necrons, everything about them attracts me to them. Hopefully some one will post a new rumor mash up on the Necrons, and I will post it here for you.

Monday, September 12, 2011

September 17, what's the big secret?

The dread fleet........ Or for us old veterans Man O War. The return of Space Hulk 2 years ago was fun I enjoyed playing the game, and I felt it was worth the money. That was until I was told by my local Games Workshop store, I was no longer allowed to bring it in to play because it was limited release, and they didn't support it. Now lets talk what is coming, it is pretty obvious a dumbed-down version of Man O War is on its way. I played the original Man O War, and it was OK. The biggest problem was all the crazy rules mired down the game. I really hope GW has fixed those issue's. After a summer of disappointment (except Ogres). I don't have much faith. Especially since they are hyping the release date like no other. I truly fear after a lackluster summer, full of half written Codex's in White Dwarfs, that Games Workshop will drop the ball again. Plus I am not sure I wish to purchase a product I will be unable to play in the store after a few months.

My new home

Welcome to my new blog. I will be talking all things Table top and video game related.