Friday, October 21, 2011

New Xbox and Playstation possibly being shown off at 2012 E3

SO the rumor mill is running from Develop. They are stating that both Microsoft and Sony plan on announcing a new console at the 2012 E3 and both are due out in 2013. Seems like a very tight time table, but makes sense. The Xbox 360 was released in 2005, and Microsoft stated it will have a 10 year life cycle. Late 2013 would give Microsoft enough time to phase out the 360. Rumors are already starting to surface that some developers are starting to make games for this system including Alan Wake.
Of course if Microsoft is pushing out a new system fans are calling the Xbox 720. Sony won’t be far behind, or might even try to beat them to the punch with a Playstation 4. The Xbox 360 received a huge advantage over the Playstation 3 by coming out a year earlier. While Sony is killing in Japan, they definitely need to stay competitive here in the United States as more Xbox 360’s have been sold.
This time line would make sense from an anti-Nintendo angle as well. The Wii U is coming soon. But if Sony or Microsoft releases their next Gen consoles, once again Nintendo will be playing catch up. I do feel as if this is the reason for what seems like a short release time frame. Sony and Microsoft have been capitalizing on Nintendo’s mistake and don’t want to lose that foot hold.
You can read the report here


  1. :/ I'm not sure I'm happy about this...All my online gaming will disappear very fast. Lol

  2. Lol, agreed. At least we have plenty of time to save up