Thursday, October 6, 2011

a review of the Dread Fleet!!!!

While I personally haven't picked up a copy "and probably wont" a friend of mine did, and we played a few rounds the other day. Here is my review on how I felt about the game.

from opening the box, I knew Games Workshop had included everything needed to play this game as a stand alone game. The number of models, and other items in the box was massive. We quickly set up and read the rules. I would say by our third or forth game there was no stumbling or checking the rules for the most part. We understood the directions, and what to do pretty quickly. Being the High Elf loving prissy he is he forced me to be the Noctulis fleet. I really enjoyed playing them I loved the Chaos Dwarf mechanical squid sub, and tried to lay traps around its speed and abilities. Over all we had a great time, and while he wishes to remain Anonymous. I thank him for the opportunity to play.

Overall, I was pleasantly surprised at the game. I thought it would take us all day to play one game, instead we played 6 total. The items and models in the box are great, my friend had no missing parts or damaged models. I would say if you can this game is worth a buy.

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