Thursday, October 20, 2011

Joker gets the last laugh on Arkham city

If you are experiencing the below issue, I have Warner Bros contact info in bold at the bottom of the post. They will help you if you call them.
After a very successful launch day for the new Batman Arkham city, many customers are having Catwoman DLC issues. Some didn’t receive the voucher, others have a voucher with no code, and a select few received multiple codes. Some customers are having trouble with the retailer specific code, including the Joker challenge maps. Numerous threads have appeared on the official Arkham city community forums with customers asking what is going on.
Warner Bros. and Rocksteady know about the issues — on the game’s official Twitter account, a tweet reads, “We are aware that some people did not receive the Catwoman code in their game.” It also states, “You will get to play as the sexy thief, stay tuned for update[s].” A subsequent tweet adds, “We are looking into Catwoman dlc problems so please stay tuned.”
The Catwoman code allows players to assume the role of Catwoman at points throughout the game. It alters the beginning of the game and has the potential to add a lot to the experience. Restricting it behind a one-time-use code is unfortunate for those who borrow the game or buy it used (and therefore have to spend $10 if they want to play as Catwoman — unless they buy it at GameStop), but now that players are missing out on part of the experience because of a gaffe like this, their outrage is all the more understandable
Warner Bros has also made an official statement below.
‘Since Tuesday’s incredibly successful launch of Batman:Arkham City in North America, our customer support team has received a very small number of calls/emails (less than 0.5 percent of total units sold) regarding Catwoman codes either being invalid or not included in the game packaging. While the number of affected versions is very small, WB Games apologises for any inconvenience this has caused and we are committed to getting these issues resolved as quickly as possible.
All who are experiencing any issues with the game are requested to contact WB Games customer service Department by calling (410) 568 – 3680 , emailing or visiting All matters will be handled promptly
Seems like a small number for the amount of complaining, but the unhappy customers are usually the most vocal.

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