Thursday, October 27, 2011

Ogre Kingdoms in Mighty Empires

I have joined a Mighty Empires campaign at my local Games Workshop. I have never played Mighty Empires before, and thought this would be a great chance to try out my new ogres. points start out at 750 and we move to 1000 next week. For my 750 list I ran the following.

1 butcher lvl 1 with a great weapon
2 5 man ogre unit with bellower and standard
1 unit of 6 lead belchers

I recieved a quick lesson in Fantasy from a friend before my first game. so I switched things up a bit before the game making the 2 5 man a 6 man unit, and a 4 man unit. placing the butcher in the 6 man unit.

I was challenged by a Tomb Kings player (who I know is running a Necro sphynx). We haven't been able to play yet but I challenged a fellow Ogre player for the fun of it.

She ran the following
1 LVL 2 butcher
2 mournfang calvary
a small unit of Lead bellies
and 3 man eaters

despite being out classed character wise, I had her out numbered. I shot up her big unit of lead bellies with the lead belchers. Her mournfang cavalry was lack luster failing to charge 3 times so I was able to charge and destroy them with my big unit. The entire game really came down to who rolled better. Unfortunatley it wasn't me and I lost. But I had a great game with a great friend, and I hope to have more in the future. I am changing up my list for the battle with the Tomb king player. replacing the 3 man unit with a 42 man gnoblar sacrifice unit with trappers. What do you think?

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