Friday, October 28, 2011

Missing: standard green stuff

While trying to find some news other than Necron news I noticed something on Games Workshops site. Standard old putty green stuff is missing from their inventory. Does this mean they are switching to Liquid green stuff only? Personally while I love liquid green stuff I hope this is a temporary glitch on GW's website because there is still stuff I can't do with the liquid.


  1. Hmm... interesting. However if you buy green stuff you really ought to buy the none GW stuff because it's way more expensive than other putty's on the market. Try Gale Force 9, you get a shed load of the stuff from them.

  2. NO...

    but best get army-painter or Galeforce9 greenstuff

  3. Weird, no matter how hard I try I can't find it. unless I copy and paste your link.

    I use gale force 9 grey stuff, i'm real happy with it.