Wednesday, October 19, 2011

The Necron leaks, are they a bad thing?

Both Spikey bits, and blood of Kittens have great articles on their opinion of the Necron leak. Please take a look at their articles. Mine is below
Both Spikey Bits and Blood of Kittens have very negative opinions of the leak. Spikey bits runs a retail shop, so the pain of the chaos that has been formed by people wanting to pre order is huge. Plus he is still under Games Workshops policy so he has no information to give his customers yet, creating even more chaos. Blood of Kittens believes that Beasts of War is a front for Wayland games (who the morning after the leaks released the information for ordering the new Necrons). And seem to be the only ones with the information as well.
So now on to a humble gamer’s opinion. While I understand both Blood Kittens, and Spikey Bits opinion and I agree with them. I personally am glad the leak happened. I don’t like Games workshops new policy. I like to know what is coming out, what I can order, and how much it will be. Personally I don’t have the money to drop on models I found out about 2 weeks prior. I also suffer from shiny object syndrome (bad for me good for retailers), I like being able to see games workshop models early so I don’t want to buy everything at once. But needless to say I would have saved more money if I would have known so much cool Necron products where soon to be released.
I personally don’t like to hear that Wayland games and Beasts of war are one in the same. Mainly from the stand point that this gives Wayland a huge advantage over other retailers, particularly under games workshops new policy. This brings up a question, is the issue Wayland games and Beasts of War? Or is the problem Games Workshops new policy. Let’s look at this for a minute, and for arguments sake say Wayland and Beasts are one in the same.
Games Workshop institutes its new policy, and all retailers including Games Workshop stores go dark. Now a retailer who also runs a website with war gaming news and reviews receives their new white dwarf, including the information on the new Necrons. Now to most business’s this isn’t a big deal, they wait till they can release it and they do. But to a business that maybe isn’t as ethical (or who has recently had Games Workshop hurt their sales with shipping policies) they see a chance to have a one up on their competition. So they use their war gamming website to release the information void any pricing or order information. Then use that information to set your prices and ordering for your web site giving you an advantage over the competition who is taking cover from the chaos you created due to lack of information.
Now my question is this, did this occur under Games Workshops old policies? Personally I don’t believe it did. Games Workshop has unintentionally given some retailers a one up on their competition. I think this is a prime example of the failure of Games Workshops new policy, and I think we will continue to see this more in the future as long as this policy is in place. I also don’t see the chaos occurring under the old policy; sure we saw cool pictures and had no idea what they were but retailers didn’t get side swiped by a hoard of customers who wanted to order right now because all the pictures came online at once early with only one retailer holding all the information.
So in conclusion I feel for those retailers who are stuck in this chaos, and us consumers who want to know, this shows that Games Workshops new policy just doesn’t work. Many of us want to know what is coming out more than 2 weeks before release. And from a retail standpoint it seems to have created a logistical nightmare. I for one say go back to the old ways. But please add your opinions below I respect all opinions.

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