Sunday, October 30, 2011

Call of Duty Elite

Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 is about to release, so this brings up another important question. Is Call of Duty Elite worth signing up for. Sure they have a free account that will be key for most people. But they also have a $49.99 a year model that gives you extra perks.

The free version includes
Career Player Profile
Create-a-class online
Public groups and private clans
HD video sharing
Call of Duty Elite Apps (Ipohone, Android, Ipad, Computer)
And more???

The Premium version includes all of the free versions benefits plus
Monthly DLC
Year Round Competition with prizes
Level up your clan
Pro analysis & strategy
Call of Duty Elite TV
And more?????

Plus if you become a founding member you get
Unique founder weapon camo and profile skin
Exclusive founder in-game player card and emblem
Special founder clan XP boost
Special founder operations, events, and leagues
Exclusive founder prizes and experience

While I am unsure if the founder options carry over to the free version of Call of Duty or not I for one plan on doing the premium version. Call of Duty comes out with 3-4 map packs a year. I will make my money back by receiving those packs for free through the premium service. Plus I really enjoy playing Call of Duty and all the options it creates can make things more fun. How do you feel? Will you be purchasing the Premium package?

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