Tuesday, January 17, 2012

New FAQ out for 40K

Thank you to Faeit 212 for pointing this out.

The new FAQ's are out for 2012, and the first FAQ for the Necrons are included. I will let you know if the Nerf bat has hit the Necrons or if we are safe. The list of new FAQ's are

1. Necrons
2. Main Rulebook
3. Blood Angels
4. Chaos Daemons
5. Space Marines
6. Dark Angels
7. Dark Eldar
8. Eldar
9. Grey Knights
10. Imperial Guard
11. Ork
12. Chaos Space Marines
13. Space Wolves
14. Tyranid
13. Apocalypse
14. Apocalypse Reload

Notice the Tau, and Black Templar aren't in this list. this could be a possible hint as to what we can expect next for 40K.

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