Thursday, January 26, 2012

Has Activision lied to us all, is this false advertising?

Please watch this video, and listen. This is why PS3 players right now are very angry.

At the beginning of Call Of Duty Modern Warfare 3 advertising going all the way back to E3, we were all told if you buy Elite premium you will recieve the new map packs early and free. you will also recieve those DLC packs once a month during the DLC season. Which according to Activision starts in January. Well the end of January is here, and Activision has kept there promise. But like the money grabbers they are, they only released to the Xbox360. Which means all along they where planning on releasing to the Xbox a month early and didnt tell the community. Many Playstation players purchased Call Of Duty Elite just to recieve early content download. Now we are being told we must wait a month, thus recieving our DLC at the same time as Xbox, and regular PS3 users. I for one am furious about this. Activision has many times now shown a lack of concern, and care for its customers. Showing they are only concerned about their bottom line. This is a perfect example of False advertising, and I hope Activision see's a huge lawsuit over this. What is your opinion?

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