Friday, January 13, 2012

A call to arms

this is a upcoming event for the following Games Workshop storeson January 28th.
Carkeek Plaza – Seattle
Denton Town Crossing – Denton
Empire Shopping Center – Antioch
Grapevine Mills – Grapevine
Naperville – Naperville
Preston Ridge – Frisco
Tomball Crossing - Houston

the events will be as follows according to Games workshops website.

Call to Arms!
A Showcase of the Hobby Community Saturday, January 28th
The orders have been given - mobilize your forces and gather at the store to prepare for inspection of your models, discuss the tactics of your new army, and create defensive terrain.

Painting Competition
Muster your models for inspection (1 entry per category). Winners will receive a "Call to Arms" certificate of honour. The community will vote for their favorite in these categories:
• Best Hero
• Best Unit
• Best Large Model

Purchase a new Warhammer Battalion, 40K Battleforce, or equivalent on the "Call to Arms" showcase day, assemble and paint your new force, and gather the army in formation in a month's time. Every commander who completes this task will receive a collector's patch, and the best battalion and battleforce will be rewarded a certificate of honour and be displayed in the store's cabinets.

Gaming Board
Aid in the war and create a gaming table and terrain for all to battle on. Help decide the theme of the battleground and what terrain will be used.

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