Monday, September 12, 2011

September 17, what's the big secret?

The dread fleet........ Or for us old veterans Man O War. The return of Space Hulk 2 years ago was fun I enjoyed playing the game, and I felt it was worth the money. That was until I was told by my local Games Workshop store, I was no longer allowed to bring it in to play because it was limited release, and they didn't support it. Now lets talk what is coming, it is pretty obvious a dumbed-down version of Man O War is on its way. I played the original Man O War, and it was OK. The biggest problem was all the crazy rules mired down the game. I really hope GW has fixed those issue's. After a summer of disappointment (except Ogres). I don't have much faith. Especially since they are hyping the release date like no other. I truly fear after a lackluster summer, full of half written Codex's in White Dwarfs, that Games Workshop will drop the ball again. Plus I am not sure I wish to purchase a product I will be unable to play in the store after a few months.

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