Thursday, September 29, 2011

Battlefield 3 hands on review

EA released the beta for Modern Warfare 3 today. While many other companies are restricting their Beta EA has opened beta for everyone. All PS3, Xbox360 gold members, and Computer players can download this beta. I have had a chance to play the game now on the Xbox, and PS3, and I must say I’m blown away.
The level is called Operation Metro. The game mode is Rush. Rush for those who don’t know is kind of like sabotage, but you blow up two targets, then move to a new area to blow up 2 more. There is only one level that you get to play, but I feel it showcases 3 different environments. The first is a park, this level has long range sniping areas, mixed with great mid, and short range firefights as well. It is really cool to see tree’s fall when grenades or rockets damage them. The second and third area is a subway tunnel, and a subway station. In the tunnel the lighting effects are cool, and if someone takes the tactical flashlight, or the laser sight they can blind you in the dark with them. The final area showcases city fighting. I enjoy this area the most. Multiple floors are open on many of the buildings and rockets will destroy sections of the wall.
Gameplay is great, I like the leveling system and the rewards keep you wanting to play. It took me a minute to figure out how to swap my equipment but once I did it was easy. I think EA needs to work on their Balancing mechanic. On more than one team today we were totally ran over, when the next round started the teams didn’t even change. Another sad fact is while playing the Xbox 360 there were a lot of people glitching and hiding under world, while I know this is Beta it was pretty bad. I also thought it was funny the PS3 people didn’t do it, I only saw 1 glitcher vs the 15 I saw on Xbox.
Graphically the game is beautiful. The characters are a little ugly but that’s OK. It also seemed like every character had their face covered. When walls blew up, it looked nice, not blocky or unrealistic. And personally the lighting worked for me perfect. I was very impressed that a beta ran as well as this game does. In closing I really am enjoying this beta, and would recommend playing it. I would just suggest doing so on the PS3.

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