Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Skyrim Review

It has been a busy couple of months for gamers. With this many games, my reviews have been stretched to say the least. Here is my review of Skyrim, Elder scrolls 5.
Pros – first off what a game, the amount of things to do and quests to complete is staggering to say the least. You can choose from the usual suspects of Elder scroll races. And the new leveling system is amazing. The quests can be as simple as playing hide and seek with kids, to fighting dragons, and small armies of bandits. Gameplay and combat is very fun, the ability to become a werewolf, or a vampire is cool. Plus the whole becoming strong enough to kill dragons is just too much fun. The entire game is really beautiful. Anyone who appreciates graphics will be stunned by the beauty of this game. The collecting of ingredients for crafting can be a lot of fun. I even spent 30 minutes in a river catching salmon.
Cons – the questing system can be a little confusing due to the amount of things on your map. There has been an issue with the remains of dragons, they haven’t been disappearing. Instead the dragon’s bones will actually follow you around sometimes. You’ll go out of a dungeon, or exit a castle, and as it loads the bones will fall out of the sky in front of you. Bethesda released a patch to fix this, but now I can’t seem to get the dragons to come down and fight me. So I think they may have broken the mechanic of the dragons with the patch. During one of my many catching the fish trips at a lake, I also noticed Elk and Deer running across the bottom of the lake. There seems to be the usual amount of graphical skips, and glitches as seems to be a way of life with Bethesda games.

I would have to say that over all this game is great. The issues are minor, at least not counting the patch breaking the dragons, and the amount of gameplay will obviously entertain me for a very, very long time. I do recommend buying this game the first chance you get.


  1. I have been addicted to this game for a solid month now!!

  2. Yeah, I really can't quit playing it. there is so much to the game it is crazy.