Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Necron Codex Review

for what seems like forever, about 3 years ago I quit using them. I still loved them, and they were still my favorite army, but my options to play were limited to say the least, and I was starting to become bored with them. So out of respect for my favorite heartless robots, I placed them in storage hoping for the day I would receive a new codex and once again march my phalanx of warriors across the table top. Lucky me that day has finally arrived, the new codex is out, and I am truly happy.

Gameplay I do apologize for the delay in this review.
Life has been hectic to say the least. I have ran the Necrons To me this is the most important part of a new codex so we will start here. When I heard Matt Ward was doing our codex I almost cried. While Matt writes some of the most amazing (and overpowered) codices in the 40K realm, he is also known to not be so kind to Xenos. I am very proud to say he didn’t kill the Necrons. They have many options, and tricks up their sleeves to employ against the most talented player. Sure Warriors now have a 4+ armor and reanimation protocol is a 5, 6 now. But there is no more twice the toughness, and power weapon issue’s, plus if you are that concerned give them A Necron lord with a res orb. Are they a juggernaut power house that will easily take all comers? No but they are an army that is amazingly resilient. Take 2 ghost Arks with full troops, then place a 20 man warrior unit with a Necron lord with a res orb in front of the Ghost Arks, I beg to say that 20 man warrior unit will remain in play the entire game unless your opponent focus fires on the Ghost Arcs. Many of the options in the Necron codex makes your opponent have to prioritize his targets. If he fails to do this correctly a Necron player will be able to cut through his enemy like a knife through butter. The Scarab swarms are amazing now. I bet all my friends that just used to hand me them and say ooh you use those stupid things are definitely not happy right now. Let’s look at a simple combo using the Night Scythe ( I think that is the transport one), tomb blades, and scarab swarms. The night scythe can carry the Tomb blades across the battlefield, the Scarabs can try to get across to a flank, and your opponent has to decide which one he wants to let cross the battle field. So over all I am happy with the Gameplay of the new Necrons. I am even happier to have so many cool choices. I just wish they actually did something with the flayed ones.
The Fluff
Many people didn’t like the fluff for the new Necron codex. Well after reading it from cover to cover, I must say I thoroughly enjoyed the new fluff, it sure it gives the Necrons more personality. The whole dynasty thing seems a bit odd at first, but once you dig in you understand it, and it is honestly kind of fun. I really enjoyed reading the fluff, so for me the codex fluff is great!

In conclusion
The new Necron codex seems to be a well-balanced, and fun. Some people seem to like the fluff but not the game, and others like the game play but not the fluff. Not me I like both, the elaborate kings of old, and the young universe of today. Thank you Games Workshop for getting my codex right.
What do you think?

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